WhatsApp For PC Download Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Free

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in WhatsApp Desktop, WhatsApp Download, WhatsApp for PC, WhatsApp PC

The internet has become a part of our life that it paved the way to modern communication. In olden days we had no other option but speaking through a landline. As days passed by the urge to the wireless communication reinforced. A significant part of the mobile network operators, for hiking their prices that led to the birth of messaging apps. The increasing demand in the Voice Over Internet Protocol(VOiP) has given birth to a lot many messaging apps. Specifically, Whatsapp...

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WhatsApp for Linux PC | Ubuntu Download

Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in WhatsApp Apk, WhatsApp for Linux PC, WhatsApp on Ubuntu, WhatsApp PC

WhatsApp users can now use WhatsApp on Linux PCs. Yes, WhatsApp for Linux PC is now possible with Whatsie. As of now, you will need a web browser for using WhatsApp on PCs but not anymore with Whatsie. The Whatsie is a web client for WhatsApp which has a set of perfect features for PC users. WhatsApp for Linux PC is a great news for the Linux users with the Ubuntu operating system. The Whatsie is crafted in such a way that it works smoothly with the Ubuntu OS. WhatsApp on...

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WhatsApp for Mac PC Free Download

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in WhatsApp Desktop, WhatsApp for PC, WhatsApp Mac Download, WhatsApp PC

WhatsApp is now available for the Mac users. WhatsApp for Mac PC starts rolling out to Mac PC and iPad due to its increasing popularity. So the Mac users and the iOS lovers can enjoy the WhatsApp-ing on all of their platforms. WhatsApp on iPad is a cool support by WhatsApp to the iOS users. WhatsApp Desktop App is the one you need to install on your Mac PC and all is done. The WhatsApp App comes in a way cool interface which is very similar to the WhatsApp for iOS. WhatsApp...

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